Focus & Scope

International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJNHS) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that provides nursing researchers with the innovative research findings methods, and concepts related to nursing areas and outcomes of health services. IJNHS is journals in the fields of nursing and health services which is reporting the findings of original investigations that expand knowledge and understanding of the wide-ranging field of health care services to improve the  individual and communities.

The Journal considers publication of articles as original article, review article, case study, short communication, concept analysis and concept development, etc. IJNHS also coveres population based study, clinical based study, evaluation based research, systematic review and meta-analysis.

Nursing Scope 

The nursing scope about the translation of nursing research into clinical practice, evidence-based Nursing care, Nursing research methods, nursing services, utilization, and evaluation.

Evidence-based Nursing

We consider all aspect of research about providing holistic, quality care based on the most up-to-date research and knowledge rather than traditional methods, advice from colleagues, or personal beliefs. This approach involves the systematic review of research findings to identify the best practices and implement changes in nursing care

Nursing Research Method

Nursing research methods focus on various approaches to collect and analyze data to gain a deeper understanding of healthcare phenomena. This included development and testing of psychometric, multi-cultural testing studies, mixed method study implementation, and protocol development.

Nursing ervices, utilization, and evaluation

We involve the research related to Nursing care delivery, Quality of care for individual, family and Community population, program evaluation, and policy impact on practice.


Health Services Scope

IJNHS also receives the article about health primary health care, digital health, health system Quality and safety, health care delivery and access to health care, and the health care reform. 

Primary Health Care

We consider all aspect of research related to community accessibility with focus on preventive and promotive efforts, integration of services such as Integrating preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative health-care services to provide comprehensive care. We also consider reserach about the social inclusion and equity, and ecouraging community participation in health efforts, including decision-making and implementatio

Digital Health

We consider all research aspect of healthcare delivery, including data storage, management, and transmission, as well as the development and implementation of digital health technologies. These technologies include telemedicine, Electronic health apps, and mobile health apps, among others. 

Health System Quality and Safety

Health system quality and safety research focuses on improving the quality and safety of healthcare services by addressing various factors that contribute to suboptimal patient care. This included the patient Safety incidents, clinical quality and safety, and Health system and best practice for health care improvement.


Keywords: nursing and health services, laboratory medicine, translational nursing research and nursing education,  integrated professional practice, primary nursing care, health promotion, non-communicable diseases, and technological innovations in nursing field.