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Article Processing Charge Information

International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJNHS) is an Open Access journal, which provides a broad opportunity to be accessed on the Internet. The publisher guarantees that the reader will not ever have to pay-per-view fees to access the articles published in this journal.

Author pay a one-time articles processing charges (APC) to cover the cost of DOI registrarion, maintaining a publication infrastructure, managing the journals, and processing the manuscripts through peer-review and the editorial procedure, the journal uses a form of conditional submission fee referred to as Article Processing Charge (APC). 

The Article Processing Charge (APC) is 650,000 IDR per processed paper only if the article is accepted to publish in this journal after a peer-review process

Order Annual Printed Subscription

International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJNHS) is open for a printed subscription for an annual subscription. Author or institution would like to obtain the printed subscription should requested the print version of the IJNHS journal through E-mail

Annual subscription rate (6 issues per volume) = 1,140,000 IDR (price not include the delivery fee). Annual subscription order filling: 

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Discounts and waivers

International Journal of Nursing and Health Services (IJNHS) waives 25%–27% of its content to supporting the transition of all research to full open access, so offer APC waivers or discounts to some authors. The APC waivers will be provide to some authors/institutions who have collaboration before. Authors/institutions who need to waiv the APC should request to the editor for further processing